Taming The Screen Beast

Facing Today's Media Challenges & Taking Charge of Technology

April 26 | 8 pm EST

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Plagued by the Screen Beast?

A global pandemic...

Billions of people in lockdown...

Millions of children stranded at home...

 And zillions of screens as our only portal to the outside world.

Our relationship with technology has suddenly gone from mildly out of control...

...to wildly out of control.

It’s easy to see how dependent we’ve become on screens for nearly every aspect of life. But you might be asking, “What can I really do about that?”


Join us for this timely webinar where we will give you the steps to reclaiming a healthy, balanced relationship with the screens in your family's life.









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Our mission at Sunflower Creative Arts is to empower people to be confident, creative & compassionate through Play, Nature & the Arts.

In our 28 years of nonprofit programming for children & families--including Seedlings, our parent-cooperative play- and art-based nature preschool--we have seen firsthand how more than a thousand families have profoundly improved their dynamic at home with the solid foundation of our signature Sunflower Framework

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Screens Are Here To Stay

We can't deny that screens are now simply a fact of modern life. But we'd like to share you how you can:

  • Understand and begin to shape your family's screen use patterns
  • Establish a working balance of on- and off-screen life
  • Create screen use guidelines as a family that meet your needs right now
  • Feel hopeful and confident about the changes you can make

Easy Alternatives To Screen Time

Reclaim joy and wonder in your life by accessing the powers of PNA: Play, Nature & the Arts

Tools For Setting Stronger Tech Boundaries 

Learn how to set reasonable limits that evolve as your family grows and changes

Family Guidelines Template

Start with a strong framework to craft your family's unique guidelines for screen use

Ready To Face The Beast?