Knowing that it’s ok to not be a perfect parent 100% of the time built my confidence in my abilities to parent and I also feel more confident in really listening to myself to try to figure out what I need and when to ask for it.

Brittany C.

(Bridge Journey - Online)

If you’re a parent or caregiver who's been feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, stretched thin, exasperated, helpless or detached… 

We understand.

In the Sunflower Creative Arts community, we know how much support families need to thrive. We believe real-life experiences within community are essential to our wellbeing, no matter your age.

We all want connection, a sense of place, a feeling of belonging.

In these challenging times, parents and caregivers are more in need of community and connection than ever before. 

That's why we created the Sunflower Bridge Journey: an 8-week program that introduces our signature Sunflower framework, lovingly crafted over the last 30 years and embraced by thousands of families.

The Journey provides you the chance to build meaningful relationships with other caregivers in our community, relationships built on a solid foundation of trust, understanding and compassion.

The Sunflower Bridge Journey is a return-journey, home to who you are as a human being. 

Through weekly guided group sessions, we'll tackle the unique challenges you're facing both as a parent and a person in our rapidly changing world.

Now gathering our Winter '23 Sunflower Bridge Journey cohort...

Start Your In-Person Journey!

This came at a good time as I was transitioning to a mother of 2. I am fully feeling the acceptance of this new role.... It has helped me to focus on myself as a person, rather than seeing myself as only a mother.

Morgan L. (In-Person Journey)

Online - Basic


  • 7 90-minute guided Zoom sessions
  • Closing celebration
  • 4 live Toolboxes
  • Reflective journal prompts
  • 24/7 access to Tool Library and Circle of Song media library



  • 7 90-minute guided Zoom sessions
  • Closing celebration & special gift
  • 4 live Toolboxes
  • Reflective journal prompts
  • 24/7 access to Tool Library and Circle of Song media library
  • Weekly makeup sessions via Zoom
  • Private Telegram group chat



  • 7 90-minute guided in-person sessions (including 2 hours supervised play for children in Nature Playscape)
  • Grownups-only closing celebration & special gift
  • 4 live Toolboxes
  • Reflective journal prompts
  • 24/7 access to Tool Library and Circle of Song media library
  • Weekly makeup sessions via Zoom
  • Private Telegram group chat

Danielle N.

(In-person Journey)

The Journey has helped me immensely. It has provided a community to discuss challenges with other parents while also having leaders to guide us.... Everyone is here for a common purpose and no matter how different our lives may be outside of that space, we are united here, vulnerable and anonymous and so very intimate. It’s a great feeling!!

Brittany H.

(In-person Journey)

I loved being surrounded by a group of parents who share very similar beliefs regarding positive parenting practices.... I loved hearing everyone’s advice, everyone’s struggles, everyone’s positive stories. In the past, I would listen to a Janet Lansbury podcast to feel empowered (haha) but I felt empowered and confident each time I left Bridge.

Activate skills that are already within you to make positive shifts in your family dynamic.


We’ll dive into...

  • Trusting intuition

  • Stress relief practices

  • Creative problem solving

  • Healthy human development

  • Compassionate communication

  • Guidance method of discipline

  • Empowering children to play independently

What you’ll get...


7 90-minute guided sessions

Learn our signature Sunflower Framework by actually living it! Each week, you’ll meet with your closed group to connect, share joys and challenges and, with the help of your dedicated Sunflower Guide, find real solutions.


Closing Celebration

Enjoy a grownups-only graduation ceremony, where we'll play, sing & remember the twists & turns of our Journey. Special gift included.


Live Toolboxes

You’ll have the chance to join in on our hourlong Toolbox presentations, where our team of Sunflower Guides break down important topics like The Language of Sunflower and Why Play? Reflect on your own experiences and learn actionable strategies you can use at home right away.


As well as 24/7 access to...


Tool Library

This is where you'll find many hours of our pre-recorded Toolboxes for parents & caregivers such as The PNA Framework and Sunflower Fundamentals.


Circle of Song

Join Susan, her guitar & special guest Milly Marzipan for Circle of Song, a library of virtual sing, laugh, and dance-alongs with old favorites as well as new songs from around the world to add to your family’s repertoire.


We want all caregivers to be able to take this Journey...

Need some help to make it happen?

Each season we offer a sliding scale based on need and availability of funds. 

Would you like to take the Journey with a group of your existing parent-friends?

We'd love to discuss how you can organize your own group and share the cost of the program among up to 5 other families.

Want to help us grow our scholarship program?

We are building a fund through the generosity of individual and business donors.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at (561) 660-1655, or send an email to [email protected]. Let's imagine the possibilities together!

Donate to the Scholarship Fund 🌻

Sunflower Creative Arts is a nonprofit organization that offers programs for people of all ages.

This is our parent-cooperative play- & nature-based preschool in Delray Beach, FL.

The pillars of Sunflower’s educational philosophy are...




We've empowered 2000+ families to be confident, creative and compassionate through Play, Nature & the Arts.

Over the last 30 years, we developed our signature Sunflower Framework to help caregivers go from feeling clueless and overwhelmed to knowing what kind of person you want to be for your children.

Though we draw from many schools of thought, we subscribe to no one ultimate "method". We simply provide foundations you can build upon in a way that works for you and your family. We support you to follow your own heart.

Because you are worthy of being seen and heard in your fullness--not just as a parent, but as a human being! You are worthy of the support and guidance of a real community.

Children Are Experts In Their Own Play

If you want to see how our method really works, download our FREE Bridge To Play guide where we give you our best strategies for bringing more child-directed, independent play into your home TODAY!

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