Taming The Screen Beast

Facing Today's Media Challenges & Taking Charge of Technology

Join us for this timely webinar where we'll share the steps to reclaiming a healthy, balanced relationship with the screens in your family's life.

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Children Are Experts In Their Own Play

If you want to see how our method really works, download our FREE Bridge To Play guide where we give you our best strategies for bringing more child-directed, independent play into your home TODAY!

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“The impact you have made on me and my family has been priceless. The joy and compassion, understanding and pure love you have bestowed upon my darling O. will remain in our hearts always. My time at Sunflower has made me a better mother and I am forever grateful to you. Sometimes I wish I could carry you around in my pocket all day.” 

- former Sunflower Creative Arts parent

Sunflower Bridge Community is a private, supportive online hub of connection where parents & caregivers become a part of a living, breathing community.

The absence of in-person togetherness has been deeply felt this past year. One of the greatest challenges families face today is how to nurture real connection. The Sunflower Bridge Community is our answer to this very pressing need. It’s a safe place to be who & where you are.

“What do I say to the woman who has been my inspiration for the past 5 years? Thank you doesn’t seem enough! I’ve learned so much from you. I’ve mentally noted the way you handle children, parents & LIFE! How incredibly lucky for me to encounter an educator who is so passionate about changing the lives of young children & families. My kids are so lucky to have experienced your program, your presence. I only wish I had more time….” 

(Personal note from a former Sunflower Creative Arts parent to Sunflower Director, Susan Caruso)